Music Ministries Coordinator

Part-time opportunity available for a talented and knowledgeable musician who can lead and coordinate staff, musicians and singers to address our music ministry opportunities, promote and strengthen church unity and reach out to the community at large.

Employees of First ARP enjoy the opportunity to contribute to meaningful ministry work and work in a positive environment. Must exhibit strong work ethic, organization, and communication skills.


Part-time position: hours are flexible

Starting salary: based on experience

Job overview: plan and lead music for 9:00 a.m. acoustic worship service, work with Music Director to plan music for single-services, Christmas services, etc., develop music goals and programs for youth, cultivate musical outreach opportunities in the community, perform other administrative tasks that may be needed or requested.

Skill Set: proficient in piano, able to transpose and arrange music for various instruments (trumpet, clarinet, cello, guitar, etc.), ability to work with a variety of people with diverse viewpoints including musicians, pastors, lay leaders, church staff, donors, and congregational volunteers

Experience: Previous experience in church music programming is preferred

To apply email resume to: