Preschool Director

First ARP Church is looking for a new director of its church-sponsored preschool. Employees of this organization enjoy the opportunity to work in a positive environment while contributing to a meaningful ministry work.


Part-time position: Normal hours -- Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Starting salary: Based on experience

Job overview: Directs full range of the preschool. Develops, implements, and coordinates the curriculum and program of the preschool to be aligned with First ARP Church as one of its key ministries. Supervises teaching staff. Interacts with parents and church staff. Assists assigned teachers and fills in as needed. Requires a self-starter who needs minimal supervision.

Skill Set: Strong Christian faith to allow the individual to integrate this into the preschool’s curriculum and daily life. Must exhibit strong work ethic, organization, and communication skills.

Desired Experience:

- Bachelor’s degree; ideally with emphasis in early childhood education and experience in the field.

- Staff management of a staff of 8-12 teachers; budget management.

- Prior experience as a church Preschool Director is preferred.

To apply email resume to: