The Session of First ARP Church

Being a Presbyterian Church means, first and foremost, having her rule by elder.  That is the meaning of the Greek word for which we get our English word presbyter or elder.  Fundamentally then, First ARP Church is organized, led and ruled by a group of men who are duly ordained and installed by the congregation to serve her in such an office.  She is led, effectively, by a representative form of government.  This provides a faithful layer of accountability, oversight and protection.  

The Session, therefore, shall have as its primary responsibility the initiation, planning, organization and administration of programs designed to enable the congregation to carry on the mission of God in Christ’s Church by word and deed in the community and also in the Presbytery, the General Synod and the whole world. 

The Session of First ARP Church is composed of 5 classes of men who serve 5 year terms, each.  They can be readily found on the back of our worship bulletin.  Currently, the men who actively serve our church as elders are: 

2023 Class: Robert Alexander, John Barron, Jeremy Dreier, Max Smith,

2024 Class: Greg Harbin, David Ledbetter, Cole McKinney, Ken Miller, 

2025 Class: Chuck Cauthen, Scott Ledford, Mike Looper, Steve Southwell,

2026 Class: Barry Adickes, Jamey Dagenhart, Warren Norman, Tom Scott,

2027 Class: George Coxhead, Tim Marshall, Tom Roper, Tim Templeton

The Boards of the Session

The Boards of First ARP Church fall under the authority and oversight of the Session.  She has ordered and directed them to accomplish ministry on her behalf.  They are not, therefore, autonomous bodies.  They can faithfully pursue the ministry that has been laid before them, but they must always come back to the Session for direction and guidance.  

The Session currently has four boards: Diaconate, Just Joy, Preschool, and Women's Ministries.